The Spirituality of Sexual Abuse


     Sexual abuse is an assault that is intended to humble and diminish a person. It is intended to overpower and place the victim in bondage. Sexual abuse is quite unique and comprehensive as an assault that attacks the body, mind and spirit of a victim.
We are more than what we know in the physical. We are also spiritual, which includes the depths of our existence that transcends the natural. This is the element of our being that provokes us to think, speak and act in ways that supersede or even defy our own logic and that goes beyond our natural experiences.    

     Because the spirit realm is not subject to time and space as we are in our bodies, something that occurred years ago can appear as disturbing as if it just happened. When someone experiences repeated sexual attacks, the combination of assaults is an all out spiritual mob action. It is intended to prevent recovery and to set a course for ultimate destruction.  Those who experienced multiple episodes of sexual abuse and have remained alive to read this, have already realized significant victory. However there may still be some hurdles to overcome.

     In a specific encounter recorded in the Holy Bible, Jesus declares that He knew that someone touched him because power had gone from him. But His disciples responded saying that everyone was touching him. Still Jesus knew that there was a certain type of touch that was different from the others. This touch resulted in power leaving his body. It was a touch from someone who was determined to receive something. And the person received what was sought.
     Also, the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is given by the laying on of hands, which indicates that there is a transference of spirit through touch. There are other encounters where people are healed through touch. In some cases Jesus confronted and identified the spirits by name before evicting them.However in other situations He simply declared that the demons were gone. In one instance, Jesus demanded that the spirits not return. Still in another situation, He warned the person being delivered to stop sinning or something worse would happen.
     Additionally the Bible teaches that when people are joined together they become one flesh. Sexually abused victims become one flesh with those who victimize them. They may become bonded to the abuser through touch as well as a spiritual exchange. The abuser may be used by evil spirits to take power from the victim. This holistic bond must be exposed, realized and broken for the victim to receive complete healing. When sexual abuse has occurred more than once, it becomes a spiritual infestation that needs a spiritual extermination.
     The only spiritual extermination process that I know of is the application of the Holy Spirit. There is no horde of spiritual infestation that can withstand the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. However the prescription needs to fit the diagnoses. Just as there are different spirits, there are different areas that spirits occupy. This is why a clean sweep is needed.
     A clean sweep begins with first identifying the symptoms and evidence that spiritual attacks have occurred.This may include identifying the various sexual assaults along with the spirits that accompany them. For example the first sexual assault may have invited fear and lying. Even the Bible identifies lying and fear as spirits. The second sexual assault may have invited spirits of wrath and rebellion.The third sexual assault may have invited spirits of unforgiveness and murder which can introduce thoughts of suicide.
     I have been able to identify various spiritual connections with the sexual assaults that I experienced. This helped me understand why certain attitudes would appear to simply erupt without any real provocation. For example the first sexual abuse that I experienced at four years old invited the spirits of confusion and fear. Later my mind began to rehearse how I was confused about what was happening and afraid that I would get into trouble. This grew into being afraid of the dark and confused about making simple decisions such as what to wear or what to do.
     Those who are able to identify various sexual abuse events,may be able to uncover the spiritual bonding that also resulted. This information is valuable because it can help indicate if complete healing has occurred.  It can also help to ensure that a clean sweep occurs when spiritual healing is implemented through prayer and fasting. - Dr. Margaret Jamal

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1. Renee Belinda Cooper wrote:
Wonderful site. Great message and writing.
I too am trying to find a way to open this ugly truth so we can stop it. I have just created a television talk show called "Voice Finder"
We can't solve this problem by pretending it doesn't exist.
Cheers to you,

Sun, April 25, 2010 @ 4:15 PM

2. Dawn wrote:
At the age of 46 yrs old i can finally see the finish line to my emot./phys. healing. This type of abuse has infected so many areas of my life in a negative way. it seems I feel sad a lot lately because the Lord has revealed deep betrayal, blindness in my family to the perpetrator, lies, and deceit, illusions of truth. 3 people in my life have been deeply hurt by this one person.

Its all a heck of a lot to deal with. However, I am thankful for the gifts of the spirit enabling me to reach a total deliverance. I pray this same experience for others even though it's a painful process.


Thu, September 20, 2012 @ 10:05 PM

3. Gayle wrote:
Yes, indeed.. a painful process. There is so much misery and devastation that goes along with sexual abuse. My husband and I have been casting out demons associated with abuse for over 40 years. That's why I recently started a blog to talk with and set free the captives of sexual abuse demons. I would love to talk to you or anyone who has suffered this abuse.

Wed, November 23, 2016 @ 6:11 AM

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