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  • The J'Lynn Howle Story of Overcoming Rape and Forced Prostitution

    Dr. J'Lynn Howle shares her personal tragedy to triumph testimony, which she has kept silent for more than thirty years. Her newly released book, "Who's Your Daddy" is an amazing inspirational story about surviving traumatic child abuse at the hands of a predatory stepfather.

  • The Keith Smith Story of Surviving Stranger Abuction/Sexual Assault

    Keith Smith is a Stranger Abduction Sexual Assault Survivor and author of "Men in My Town." At the age of 14, Keith was abducted, beaten and raped by a stranger. He shares his story of victimization and his path of recovery and advocacy in this broadcast. Click to listen to this enlightening and inspiring broadcast.

  • The Coach Linda Hillman Story of Recovery from Repeated Sexual Abuse

    As a school aged child Linda Hillman, tried to tell her mother about being sexually assaulted by her father. She reveals how her mother actually aided the ongoing abuse. You will also hear about Linda's ultimate victory and ongoing recovery as she reveals openly what she has not been able to discuss before.  Click here to listen to this enlightening and inspiring broadcast.

  • The Asia Walker Story Recovering from Body Memory and Date Rape

    A co-worker used her own special soap while in the bathroom. The scent of the soap triggered a strange reaction causing her friend to become nauseous and uncontrollably agitated.  Many victims of sexual assault experience physical reactions that are referred to as "Body Memory." As Asia tells her story, she guides us through exploring and discussing various aspects of body memory, including her own traumatic experience in this area.  Click to hear this enlightening and inspiring broadc...

  • The E. Diane Champe' Story- Conquering Incest, My Life as a Trauma Survivor

    E. Diane Champe' grew up under the harsh battering from an abusive military father and a fearful and unresponsive mother.  Ms. Champe is the author of the newly released soul bearing testimony, "Conquering Incest, My Life as a Trauma Survivor."  She bravely reveals her sexual abuse as a teen and her personality disorders.  She also uncovers the shocking results of her efforts to bring her own brother to justice for his abuse of a 4 year old girl.  Click Here to listen to this...

  • The Colleen Maloney Story- Surviving Incest and Speaking Out

    Colleen Maloney tells her story about surviving incest and her determination to help others to recover from sexual assault.  She shares how she was first assaulted by her cousin when she was only thirteen years old.  She shared with Gina that she does not regret anything that has happened to her because she believes that it has made her the person who she is today.  While never having received formal counseling, Colleen gives credit to God for her healing.  Colleen wants peop...

  • The Margaret Jamal Story- Surviving Revictimization from Repeated Sexual Abuse

  • The Spirituality of Sexual Abuse